ndividual, Couples and Family Therapist Sarasota Florida

Heart to Heart Counseling, LLC specializes in individual, couples and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Sarasota Florida.

Meet the team, and choose below, the right counselor and therapist for you

April S. Lambert, LMFT


 -Owner and Founder of Heart to Heart 

- 15+ Years in practice

- MS in Counseling at California State     

   University, Fullerton ('93)

- License No. FL MT1908

I believe that every person has intrinsic value and thus should be treated with great respect and positive regard. My overall approach is based on this premise and this attitude is maintained throughout therapy. My approach is direct, open, and relational. I do not hesitate to offer concrete direction once trust has been earned. I consider the "whole" person in developing a treatment plan, which to me includes their personal and family history, physical and emotional health, and current relationship support. I believe that the best therapy leads the client (both individuals and couples) towards increased well being.  

April Lambert, Marriage Counselor Sarasota
Jennifer Wheat, LMFT


- 15+ Years in practice

- MS in Counselor Education at Indiana 

   University ('02) & Post-Graduate     

   Certificate in Marriage & Family Therapy       at Indian Wesley University ('04)

- License No. FL MT3610

There are times when the weight of our troubles is too much for us to carry alone. Life’s challenges and losses can sometimes lead to anxiety, stress, depression, hopelessness and even despair. If you experience these things, the wise and courageous thing to do is ask for help. 

In our work together, I will integrate our Christian faith and value system along with evidence-based treatment strategies to help you move from hopelessness toward freedom and healing.

Jennifer Wheat, Marriage therapist Sarasota
Stephanie Knight


- 2 years of experience

- MA in Counseling at National Louis 

   University, Chicago IL (20)

- License No. IMH20690

Everyone needs someone to talk to, and none of us gets through life unscathed, and I am here to help you in whatever challenges you face. My goal is to help you develop and expand your life skills to overcome and thrive in your life. I chose this career because I believe it works--especially when the Lord is invited into the process. I am a highly empathetic person and am passionate about helping you achieve your goals. 

Stephanie Knight, Mental Health Counselor Intern
Michelle Rogers, LMHC


- 15+ years in practice

- MA Mental Health & Counseling from 

  Regent University Virginia Beach VA (95)

- License No. MH11929

I have a deep conviction in the reality of a compassionate God who is intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. I am passionate about helping others to break free from destructive beliefs and unhealthy behaviors that rob them of joy. If you would like to learn more about me visit my website and blog at www.michellerogerslmhc.com

Michelle Rogers, Marriage and Health counselor
Scott Makowske, MS IMHC


- 20 years experience 

- MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

  from National Louis University ('20)

- License No. FL IMH20677

While my most extensive experience is in addictions treatment and substance abuse counseling, I have a passion for trauma, mental health, and family therapies as well. Even from my early beginnings in this career, my focus and ultimate goal has always been to help people from every walk of life, no matter their history or background.  I prioritize getting to know my clients as individuals and tailoring my treatments specifically to each one.  I take a “whole life” approach, focusing not only on personal issues, but taking a deep look into relationships with family and friends, ideas of value systems, and beliefs about oneself.  I firmly believe all need to be addressed to have advantageous outcomes in therapy. 

Scott resized.png
Greg Cintron, LMFT


-12 years experience

- MS in Counseling at University of Phoenix / Lone Tree Campus CO ('09) 

- License No. FL MT3781

People would describe me as calm, humorous, and direct. I come from a diverse professional background with 10yrs. in the medical field and 12yrs. in the mental health professional field. I understand the dynamics and complexities of trauma within the individual and family unit. I consider it an honor to have worked with trauma survivors including military, paramilitary professionals, first responders, and family members for 20+ years. I also thoroughly enjoy helping couples wherever they are in their journey together, to include co-parenting. Lastly, God has given me the ability to help professionals meet short-term career goals through problem-solving and navigating working relationships. I am also an EMDR Provider and trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Greg Cintron, Family & Marriage Therapist
Heath Craig


-5 years experience

- MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling       from National Louis University, Chicago IL 

- License No. IMH20217

I earned a BA in psychology from the American Military University and MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from National Louis University. My family and I have lived in Sarasota since 2015.     


Much of my experience is related to helping clients recover from trauma and build resilience. I have spent years working with combat veterans, trauma survivors, and their families. I believe that many challenges such as anxiety disorders, depression, and addiction are rooted in unresolved trauma. 

I work with couples, families and individual clients. I believe that a happy and meaningful life is God’s plan for everyone. I encourage all of my clients to develop a strong understanding of “self” as God’s precious children. 

Heath Craig,  Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
Kara Bumgarner, LMHC


- 13 years in practice

- Argosy University / Sarasota ('08)

- License No. FL MH10745

I have been working in the mental health field since 1989 and in practice since 2008. It has been said "if you have a pulse, then you have problems." Grief, life transitions, marital issues, illness, and anxiety (excessive worry), are just a few of the issues we might encounter in life. I am solution-focused and work to give you the tools necessary, to manage the problems in your life. I do not hesitate to give you direct feedback as you seek healing. My goal is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and empowering environment where you can deal with your pain and struggles and start living the life you desire.

Kara Bumgarner - mental health counselor
Ashleigh H. Lorenz, LCSW


-15 years experience

- MA of Social Work from University of 

  South Florida

- License No. FL SW10064

I have been fortunate to have 15+ years of experience in varying areas of social work from early childhood development, family therapy, children and adolescent issues, human trafficking, and geriatrics. Through these experiences, I have developed a strong passion for women and children and have made it a mission to assist them in walking through and healing from the challenges of life. My goal is to provide a safe and healing environment for my clients while helping them identify the power that lies within themselves for change, growth, and flourishing. This is accomplished by exploring unhelpful thought and behavioral patterns and identifying how these hold a person back from reaching the goals and desires held for life.   

Ashleigh H. Lorenz, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Claudine Aievoli, LCSW-R, MsEd, BC PPC


-15+ years experience

- MS in Education from Bank Street College 

  of Education (03)

- License No. FL SW18899

When challenges appear along our parenting journey, parents and children can benefit from competent, compassionate, and practical counsel.  The families I work with describe many silver linings of Teletherapy, particularly how it allows them convenience and safety in the comfort of their home environment.  

Your child’s specific situation will be addressed according to developmental level, personality, needs and agreed upon goals, as I help them understand feelings, establish healthy mindsets, and build coping skills.  Sessions weave in creative, fun, and proven ways to process emotional regulation and build resiliency.  My specialization in infant and parent development (in addition to being a mom of two teens), adds beneficial lenses to our process.  A team approach might include gathering data from teachers and guidance counselors for helpful input.  

For those seeking Christian counseling, we will implement the Word of God to transform your mental well-being and apply corresponding faith connections to increase your hope and confidence.

Claudine Aievoli,  Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Elizabeth Payne


-3+ years experience in the mental health 


- MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at 

   Liberty University

- License No. FL IMH18590

Hello! No matter where you find yourself in life today, I am a firm believer in the power of a safe space to process, heal, and grow. Outside of my faith and family, serving as a source of encouragement and guidance to others is one of my greatest passions, and it would be an honor to walk beside you in this season. 


My experience touches a variety of settings including in-home family therapy, individual and couples counseling, infidelity recovery, premarital counseling, and substance abuse recovery. My approach is empathetic, person-centered, and tailored to you as an individual. We’ll collaborate to work toward freedom from anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, fractured relationships, and navigate life’s unexpected plot twists together. Make an appointment below to get started!


To learn more about me or explore helpful tools and resources, visit my website at www.livingwellgirl.com.

Elizabeth Payne, Mental Health Counselor Sarasota