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Therapist Reviews and Counseling References

18 months ago my life was a fog. I looked at life as all gray in color, with no feelings or emotions and I knew I needed help, so I made an appointment with April. Tentatively we interviewed each other to determine if we could work together and I am happy to say, I stayed with appointments weekly. This is my take on therapy: 

We are like a seed in the ground and as the weeds are pulled back, the seed is allowed to grow and we start to come out of the ground. As the stem of the seed comes up and sees the sunlight, it grows towards the sun faster, eventually a bud forms and soon it begins to open up where a flower is now present. I was the seed and therapy pulled the weeds back allowing me to see life with a different view. Each session was like a flower bud opening up, one leaf at a time, until I now see colors in everything around me and I smiled, talked, and people were happy to be around me. 


April prayed with me at the start of each session and also at the end. I now recognize there was another force working on me, God. I went to church all of my life, but never really participated. I became a member of a men's group which is helping me a great deal having other men to talk with and have supporting me. This is no quick fix but I made a decision to see it through. In the beginning, there will be days you wake up feeling worse and then there are many more days you feel as a weight was lifted off of your shoulders and your step is higher. 

Hal Davis

I've been to a few counseling sessions with only 2 other therapists in my 63 yrs of life. I prayed for a good experience n got Blessed
with April.


Since God has been working on healing me, sorting things out with the professionalism of April, my numerous visits were Overly worth the ride from Ft Myers. I Highly Recommend April. You will not be disappointed.

She was Heaven sent.

Andy Gutierrez 

Before I started to write this review, I read what others were saying about their time spent with April Lambert at Heart to Heart Counseling and it was no surprise to me at all because I share the same wonderful sentiments. April’s guidance that has helped so many others, has also helped me in one of the most trying times of my life. We all need help from time to time to figure things out, to validate our thoughts and feelings and to learn new ways to deal with life’s issues.


April’s thought-provoking questions and balanced perspective on life, coupled with the tools she employs to help you grow and see beyond your troubles, so that you can make proper decisions for what is right for you, is what sets April apart. She is not there to simply listen to your troubles; she is a counselor because she has a true desire to help people navigate life wholly and successfully. April’s ability to combine her professional education with her kind, nurturing self, to help people find restoration in their own brokenness and in their broken relationships is April’s greatest strength.


Today, I stand as a testimony to April’s work with me to overcome some very difficult and out-of-the-ordinary circumstances and I will be forever grateful for her guidance and genuine concern for helping me find perspective, freedom, forgiveness, growth and new life. From a Christian perspective, April is an angel to be rewarded greatly for her work in this life.

Sue W.

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